Why Long-Term Investors Are Still Optimistic About Brisbane

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  Why are long-term investors still optimistic about the Brisbane property market? This blog post dives into the top 3 reasons and why we think Brisbane still is the place to invest. So, without further ado…   #1: Brisbane leads the nation in interstate migration Population growth is undoubtedly one of the largest drivers of […]

How To Find An Investment Property In Areas That Will Outperform In The Long Term

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  Location is critical when it comes to finding an outperforming investment property. But what makes a good location, and why are some better than others? With more than half of Aussie households having less than three people in them, more of us are: Choosing to start a family later in life, Seeking better work-life […]

The 5 Most Common Excuses That Hold People Back From Investing

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There are all sorts of reasons why some people “just can’t” invest. The most common ones: ”I have no money… I can’t afford to buy property…” “The market is way too unreliable at the moment… there’s no way I’d invest in it now!” “It takes too long to see results with property, it’s just not […]

What Can We Learn From Brisbane’s Top Performing Suburbs?

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Domain has just revealed a list of the top performing Brisbane suburbs over the last decade.  And the winners are…     Brisbane’s 10-year growth (houses, 2008-2018)  Suburb  Median price 2018  Median price 2008  Growth  New Farm  $1,586,000  $900,000  76.2%  Bulimba  $1,275,000  $732,500  74.1%  Auchenflower  $1,145,000  $660,000  73.5%  Wishart  $710,000  $430,000  65.1%  Hendra  $980,000  $600,000  63.3%  […]

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Holiday Home

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  Considering adding a holiday home to your property portfolio? You’re not alone! It’s easy to be tempted by the combo of rental income and easy future holidays. But before you jump into buying a holiday home, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider before investing in a holiday […]

What You Need To Ask Before Selling Your Investment Property

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  Considering selling your investment property? If you are planning on cashing out and selling, it’s important that you ask yourself some important questions…   #1: Is The Property “Investment Grade”? If the property isn’t making you any money, then you should probably sell to avoid missing out on greater opportunities. But before you do, […]

The Best Investment Strategy For First-Time Investors

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  If you are just starting to climb the property investment ladder, this post is for you. Because this post will show you the best investment strategy for first-time investors… A strategy that is guaranteed to leave you in a better financial position than you might think is possible! But first…   Educate Yourself From […]

Have You Made The Easy Mistake Of Crowd-Following?

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Crowd-following is a dangerous investment strategy. While it can be tempting to follow in the footsteps of others, getting caught up in the hype can be risky for your investment portfolio. The truth – it is only when you use your own wits and research to make a decision that you are minimising your risk. […]

4 First Homebuyer Lessons To Teach Your Kids

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As parents, we all want to see our children succeed in life. But spreading their wings and flying the family nest to branch out on their own is a big move. Especially when they’re considering buying their first home. While you might want to help them climb the property ladder, it’s important that we teach […]

5 Proven Negotiation Tactics That Will Actually Get You Results

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If you want some sure-fire tactics that will help you succeed at negotiating your next property deal, then look no further. In this post, I’m going to run you through 5 proven negotiation tactics that I use everyday to create win-win scenarios for myself and my clients.   Tactic #1: Know what you want before […]

10 Powerful Habits That Will Boost Your Property Investment Results

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For most people, building even the smallest amount of property wealth takes years of education. Books, blogs, podcasts, workshops… you could go through thousands of these and barely scratch the surface. But building real property wealth takes more than listening to a few podcasts. The world’s most successful investors have powerful habits that dramatically boost […]

What Has Expert Investors So Excited About Brisbane?

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The Brisbane property market is hot. So hot in fact that it’s often a challenge to work out what’s real and what’s just hype. Today I’m going to discuss some Brisbane property trends that should be on your radar as you plan your next (or first) property investment. Steady as she goes! Despite what the […]

Surefire Ways Millennials Can Get An Edge In The Property Game

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Are you thinking of becoming a property investor?   If you’re planning on trading the smashed avo for a property portfolio, knowing where to start can be challenging.   To give you an edge in a game dominated by cashed-up, experienced Baby Boomers, I’ve come up with 4 surefire ways that can help you get […]

What You Need To Know About Finding The Perfect Tenant

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  Renting out your property? The tenant you choose is as important as your investment property. Why? A good tenant provides an ongoing, long-term income stream. The longer they stay in the property, the longer you go without losing money and the need to spend time replacing them. But for most, the search to find […]

Save Yourself From These 3 Simple Mistakes Made By First-Time Investors

In life, there is always the possibility that you’ll make a mistake. You might not see a curb and trip over it, or you might lock yourself out of the house. You might even forget your coffee cup on top of your car before driving away. These mistakes are easily fixed. When it comes to […]

What You Aren’t Being Told About Brisbane’s Property Market

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Real estate is guaranteed to generate sensational headlines, and you don’t have to look too far to find them. One day we are told that real estate is booming, the next experts are predicting falls of up to 40%. The problem is that most media commentary is focused on the Australian property market as a […]

When is the right time to SELL an investment property?

031 When to sell investment property

In the last instalment of the blog, we talked about how there isn’t one perfect time to buy an investment property, but the question remains: is there an ideal time to sell a property? This is a little bit more complicated, but in short, if you can read the writing on the wall, it’s always […]

When Is The Right Time To Buy An Investment Property?

030 When to buy an investment property

Even if you’re just a casual reader of my blogs, you’ll know that I’m ALL ABOUT property investment. I live and breathe investing, and over the years, I’ve honed my skills and can spot the best property from a mile away. Now, you might think that it’s all in timing. Wrong. Having good timing is […]