To Flip or Rent? A Decision Aid to Help You Answer the Ultimate Question

028 Flip or rent

This is the question that plagues first-time and even experienced property investors. Flipping a property offers a quick return on investment, but renting out also provides a substantial passive income over the long term. Today, I’m going to break down each option along with their pros and cons to help you decide which is best […]

Do You Have a Winning Property Investment Team in Your Corner?

027 Winning property investment team

Many new investors make one simple mistake that ends up costing them precious time and wasting money… Do you know what this one mistake is? It’s not super obvious, but I’ve seen this case time and time again. Here it is: Most people think that property investing is a solitary practice. They think that they […]

The Top 10 Books for Property Investors: Our Definitive Guide

025 top 10 books for property investors

If you so desired, you could start learning about property investment and never stop – there’s just that much information out there. Developing a solid understanding of something that could potentially change your life is important. There are many excellent resources online to give you short, sharp lessons on every aspect of property investment, however, […]

Three Secrets to Selecting an Investment Property Wisely

Three secrets to selecting an investment property

With so many people jumping into the property investment market over the last few years, getting a leg up on the competition can feel like a challenge. You might have heard tons of success stories from property investors over the years, but you’ve probably heard some of the horror stories. You know which ones I’m […]

How Are Property Investors Taking Advantage of Airbnb?

022 property investment airbnb

Thousands of Australians are starting to find that property investment is the best passive income opportunity available. You don’t need to do much, and if you’re patient, you can watch your investment grow exponentially over time. If you aren’t quite as patient, I have a fantastic solution for you: Airbnb! Yup, the famous home share […]

The Five Best Property Investment Websites

021 Five best property investment websites

Are you thinking about investing in property? While I believe this is the best type of passive investment tool for anyone, getting started can be a challenge if you have no previous experience. Conversely, even if you have several investment properties already, you could still know more. No matter how much you think you might […]

All You Need to Know to Calculate Your Property Investment Return

020 calculate property investment return

So, you’ve invested thousands in a piece of property. That’s awesome, and you’re taking the right step to build your wealth and achieve the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. The problem is, not many people know how to calculate the return on their investment. Do you know how much your property paid you this last year? […]

How to Create the Lifestyle You Want Through Property Investment

019 create lifestyle through property investment

Do you feel like you know where you want to go, but don’t have the means to create the lifestyle you want? If so, you’re like most people that I work with. People come into my office all the time asking about how they can make more money all while working less. Some have chosen […]

What is Property Crowdfunding and How Can It Change the Way You Invest?

017 property crowdfunding

You’ve probably considered taking part in Australia’s property investment boom. That’s a smart decision, and by investing in property now, you can build your wealth over the years by simply holding onto the piece of land. Buying property to rent is also incredibly popular, and is a passive income stream that people have used since […]

How to Finance Property Investment the Right Way

016 how to finance property investments

Property is a hot market right now, and tons of Australians are making a fortune (or close to it) by investing in land over the long-term. The problem is, so many people still don’t know how to finance property investments the right way and refuse to seek out the answers for themselves, or worse, they […]

Go, Brazilian! Julio De Laffitte’s Amazing Rise to Investment Success

015 Julio De Laffitte

We all know that property investment suffers no fools, and anyone that makes the leap to become a full-time investor has to have a good head on their shoulders. What if we told you about one man who not only became a great success in property investment in Australia, but who did it with no […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buying Investment Properties With SMSF

012 Buying investment properties with SMSF

You might have heard how leveraging an SMSF to invest in property could pay out big time once you retire. You don’t need to pinch yourself; this isn’t a dream. Yes! You can invest in property using your superannuation, in fact, people have done it for decades. It can be tricky for first-time investors, so […]

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Out in Property Investment

011 Guide for starting out in property investment

You want to invest in property. What’s stopping you?  Stop listening to the doubts you have and face the fears!  You can become an investor, and you can be successful. Trust me; I did it myself. When I started in property investment, I was just like you. Now I’m managing multi-million dollar investments and helping […]

Which Is Better For You: Residential or Commercial Investment Properties?

residential or commercial investment

As a property investor, I’ve been involved with both residential and commercial investments. Both provide excellent opportunities for investors, but one type of property may suit your abilities, finances, and needs better. Read the pros and cons of each of these property types before deciding which route to go.   Residential Property – Pros When […]