Our Difference

At ADPEN, we understand the needs of the market is imperative to our vision.

Value Add Process

At ADPEN, we understand the needs of the market is imperative to our vision. Never satisfied with the status quo, we collaborate with the finest of architects, designers and consultants to ensure our projects are steeped in quality and align with the needs and wants of our clients. Likewise, the acquisition process is just as crucial. Incredibly meticulous, we search for overlooked investment opportunities, only settling for those that offer the greatest profitability and returns for our investors. We then follow with a rigorous value add process, delivering additional value at each step of the project to ensure our investments become meaningful landmarks when they rise. Our absolute attention to quality, value and profitability at each stage of the value add process allows us to deliver cutting-edge properties that offer value unlike any other.

First, we seek out highly profitable investment opportunities that have been overlooked by other investors. These are sites that we know we can add greater value to than others in the market.

We then calculate the highest and best use for the investment, determining the maximum return and value that can be gained.

Next, we formally document the value add potential of the property. This documentation allows us to secure funding for the investment. Both of these steps add additional value to the project.

Once leases have been secured, we begin construction based on our documented and approved construction drawings.

Our internal buying team seeks out highly profitable investment opportunities through off-market acquisitions.

We undertake feasibility and highest and best use studies to determine if the target site meets our criteria including investigation of road upgrades, surrounding land development, and multiple potential feasibilities.

At this stage, we also complete financial modelling of the investment and assess its saleability, determining multiple exit strategies and possible long-term hold strategies.

We finalise the overall design of the project and build a strategy with our expert consultants for lodging a Development Application with the local planning authority.

We document the project feasibility and compile all supporting documentation, including a full valuation study. On completion, we then partner with select investors and lenders who will share in the investment profits.

We create renders, videos and sales pages to launch the project to the public or through business relationships to secure sales and/or anchor tenancies.

Financial close and settlement of financing for the project will be completed and the construction commenced.

Full project drawings will be completed and fixed price construction contract based on fully documented construction drawings, unless otherwise decided based on the most applicable contractual arrangements.

Project completion will occur with the completion of construction and/or the settlement of all sales purchases.