Our Investors

Our mission is to create long term relationships with our investors through the careful governance of their funds to produce predictable investment returns.

We invest directly across various real estate assets with private individual investors, private and institutional funds.

We partner with our investors to provide investment opportunities in all investment cycles, with a proven track record and through the careful governance of their funds.

Preservation of Capital

We consistently make sound investment decisions which secure investment returns for our investors.

We are committed to performance by generating returns through highly governed investments and preservation of capital with property as the investment vehicle.

Wealth Solutions

We provide financial advisors, accountants and family offices access to non-traditional institution type real estate investments. Through our asset selection processes, we offer investment solutions that meet portfolio goals and deliver above average returns. 

Couple on beach investors

Predictable investment returns

Investment insights

We provide access to products with transparent information and bring institutional quality investments with non-traditional models where access is denied from the typical funds. Our platform provides insights into the investment type, return and statements of accounts.

Educational support

We give educational support to our partners and clients to better understand the investment structures and portfolio makeup given the attributes of our private investments. 

Partner Program

We partner with financial advisors, accountants, family offices and institutional investors. Our philology is to partner with leading experts to offer alternate investment solutions to their clients to meet their portfolio goals.

Our investors