The Firm

Adpen is a global investment firm, focused on generating predictable investment returns in undervalued Australian property segments. We invest directly across various high-growth real estate assets with select individual Investors, private and institutional funds.

Adpen has always made decisions with Investors interests at the forefront. Our management has always sought the best outcomes for Investors, because our Investors are our business.

Providing financial security

We secure investments by carrying out rigorous due diligence and providing high returns. Our investments are designed to first protect and then grow our Investors capital across all market cycles.

We help thousands of Investors generate high returns through investments, either directly with us or through private and institutional funds.


Our Investments

We invest across selective regions and real estate asset classes that outperform the market.  Our rigorous research allows us to take advantage of opportunities not apparent to most.


Our Performance

We pride ourselves on selecting safe investments across a broad range of real estate asset classes and through everchanging market cycles. Our performance is paramount, and we deliver results beyond expectation.