If you’ve read my blog in the past, you might have seen how I talk about the “unlikely property investor.” This is the kind of person that really had no business in property investment to start with, but through sheer will and determination, they’ve made a name for themselves and made a comfortable living. Some, very comfortable.

Today, I want to profile one of these unlikely property investors: Helen Collier-Kogtevs. She and her husband’s story is incredible, and, hopefully, it should inspire you to take action as I did a few years ago.

Going for Broke

When Helen Collier-Kogtevs and her husband met, they were in a dire financial situation. Helen was weighed down with debt (not the good kind either), and her soon-to-be husband was going through a messy divorce that could potentially leave him penniless. Not the best way to kick off a marriage, right?

The catalyst of their decision to get into property investment was this: if they continued down the same path, they’d have only $28,000 to live off of each year during retirement. They wanted to start a family but didn’t have the money to afford kids. The idea of getting back into the workforce with kids didn’t seem appealing to Helen either. Also, they didn’t want much risk and starting a business didn’t seem worth the risk of losing their jobs.

The Unlikely Property Investor

So, they decided that a long-term, safe investment like property was the right decision based on their circumstances. They took out a $12,500 loan and made their first property purchase. They didn’t wait long to venture further into property as they closed their second deal while on their honeymoon.

Since then, they’ve continued investing in not only Australian property, but in their education, seeking out seminars, educational programs, and mentors wherever they can. In fact, the couple took out a $20,000 loan simply to better educate themselves on the investment property market.

Shifting Strategies

Helen’s goal was to build an extensive portfolio to diversify her investments across Australia and build her wealth exponentially. The problem was that finding a bank willing to lend additional money for more than six properties was difficult. Rather than giving up and settling with what they had, the couple found a new way to build their wealth.

They learned that they could borrow up to $1 million for cash-flow property investments. With this information, they went on to purchase six more properties designated as cash-flow investments. This helped balance their investment strategy by combining cash-flow investments with capital growth.

Where She is Now

Today, the couple owns their own investment firm, and they share their wealth of information with other unlikely property investors to help them achieve the same success. They credit much of their success to the education that they received from their mentors and want to pass this information onto the next generation.

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