5 Ways To Save For Your First Home

Save for your first homw

The number of first home buyers who save for their first home in Australia is rising! In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of first home buyer commitments as a percentage of total owner-occupied housing finance commitments rose to 17.6% in April 2018 from 17.4% in March. However, more than 80% […]

What You Need To Know About Brisbane Property For 2020

Brisbane property

  What will 2020 bring for Brisbane property? That’s a question that many are asking now that some property markets have turned the corner. It wasn’t that long ago that the Australian media were preaching doom and gloom for Australian property, forecasting incredible price falls and an imminent property crash. But now… property prices have […]

Positive Signs For The Brisbane Apartment Market?

brisbane apartment market

  The Brisbane apartment market has reached a turning point! In their November 2019 JLL Residential Research Report, JLL announced some extremely positive news for Brisbane apartment owners, stating that prices are stabilising and  are expected to grow moderately within the next 12 months.   What’s Been Happening In The Brisbane Apartment Market? Brisbane’s apartment […]

What You Need To Know About Brisbane’s Property Market


  It only takes a quick drive around Brisbane to see that things are well and truly booming in the Sunshine State capital. We’ve got the new Howard Smith Wharves precinct, there’s massive amounts of development and urban renewal happening in and around the city, and hordes of new residents are moving in daily. What […]

How To Actually Choose The Best Location To Invest

choose the best location to invest

  While the seemingly endless amount of television reno shows makes property investment seem easy, there is a lot more to real estate than rookie investors may think. It’s not simply a matter of checking out a few properties and buying the one that ‘feels right’. It’s a process that requires research. For all investors, […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Property Investor?

successful property investor

  Do you have what it takes to become a successful property investor? It may seem easy but there’s a lot more to it than one day deciding to go out and buy property. If you think you are ready to take the plunge, then this blog post is for you. Because in this post, […]

How To Master Your Next Property Negotiations

property negotiations 1

  Master your next property negotiations with these essential tricks and advice that can help tip the balance of power in your favour!   1: Understand the market There is nothing more important than research. Research is key to getting the best prices and conditions. It allows you to negotiate with knowledge on your side. […]

What Every Rookie Investor Needs To Know About Property

rookie property investors

  Rookie property investors, this post is for you! Because in this blog post, we’re going to give you some fantastic advice that will help you get into property or move up to the next rung of the property ladder. But first, some words of warning… Property investment is not something you should enter into […]

The 4 Keys To Finding High-Performing Investment Grade Properties

keys investment grade property

If you’re about to take the plunge and invest in Australian real estate, there’s only one thing that’s standing in your way: selecting the right property. It’s not as easy as you think! Choosing a high performing investment property isn’t as straightforward as searching for your own home. You’re looking for features that will drive […]

How The Federal Government’s New First Home Buyer’s Scheme Would Actually Work

first-home buyer's scheme 1

  During the 2019 Federal Election, both the Coalition and the Opposition promised a new First-Home Buyer’s Scheme. This scheme is to help 10,000 first-home buyers get into the property market by topping up their 5% deposit with a government guaranteed 15% of the loan they would be taking out. If the scheme comes into […]

The 3 Most Important Property Statistics That You Need To Understand

important property statistics 1

  Never underestimate the importance of property statistics! Property statistics can help you understand what markets are doing at specific points in time. And that is information you can use to make informed decisions about locations which might be about to upswing. But given the amount of statistics, it can be hard to work out […]

Older vs New Apartments – Which One Is The Better Buy?

older new apartments 1

  There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between old and new apartments. Some buyers are steered towards an older apartment because of their budget, whilst others may be drawn to the communal amenities often found in newer developments. This week we’re taking a look at some of the pros and […]

4 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Get On The Property Ladder

kids property ladder 1

  How can you help your kids get onto the property ladder? While some parents may be in the fortunate position to buy their children a house outright, this is certainly the exception and not the rule. And, yet, all parents are likely to cast a cautious eye over property headlines as they ponder… How […]

The Top 8 Proven Strategies For Boosting Your Property’s Rental Income

boost your rental income 1

  It’s a dilemma that every landlord has to face at some point… When, and by how much, should I increase my rent? On the one hand, you don’t want to scare away a great tenant by driving up the rent, but at the same time, you’ve invested in this property to make money. We […]

How The Coalition Victory Will Impact Our Property Markets

coalition victory property markets 1

The results are in, and to the surprise of most, the Coalition has claimed victory in this year’s Federal Election. But what does this mean for our property markets? This week we take a look at the Federal Election results and the impact of the Coalition’s victory. We examine some of the big wins for […]

What Every First Home Buyer Needs To Ask Before Buying A Property

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  When you’re starting out as an investor, the idea of property and financial freedom is full of excitement and promise. Yet, the closer you get to making it a reality, the more stressful and confusing it seems to become. More often than not, this is because you’re receiving advice from all over the place […]