6 Absolutely Surefire Ways To Boost Your Financial Fitness

boost your financial fitness

  Is your financial fitness looking a bit worse for wear? In this blog post, we offer a list of simple strategies that can help all Australians improve their financial fitness.   1: Maximise the potential of your investment property/s If your investment property (or dare we say, properties) are looking a bit tired, start […]

4 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Borrowing Power

sabotaging borrowing power 1

What kind of borrower are you? Responsible? Reliable? While you may think of yourself as a good candidate, the banks may not see you in the same light. Here are 4 different ways you could be sabotaging your borrowing power without even realising it:   #1: Having too many credit cards with high limits There’s […]

3 Insanely Toxic Investment Habits That You Need To Break

toxic investment habits 1

  Nobody is perfect… especially when it comes to property investment. We’ve all got habits that are probably not overly helpful to us. The key – remove the toxic habits that are holding us back and create more good habits that will ensure we are on the path to riches. If you feel like you […]

The Best Way To Invest Your Money

invest in yourself 1

What separates a successful investor from an unsuccessful one? If you answered with ‘years of experience’, you’re on the right track. But there is something even more powerful that successful investors have that separate them from the rest of the crowd… The ability to invest in themselves. Investing in yourself is crucial, and it has […]

Have You Made The Easy Mistake Of Crowd-Following?

1 crowd following

Crowd-following is a dangerous investment strategy. While it can be tempting to follow in the footsteps of others, getting caught up in the hype can be risky for your investment portfolio. The truth – it is only when you use your own wits and research to make a decision that you are minimising your risk. […]

How To Squeeze Maximum Income Out Of Your Investment Property

income investment property 1

  Rising costs, increased competition for new dwellings and falling returns… It’s getting tougher to be an investor! If your properties are making you less money than you’d like, read on! Below I’ve outlined several strategies that I’ve used to squeeze extra income from my properties.   #1: Decide on how to manage the property […]

10 Powerful Habits That Will Boost Your Property Investment Results

powerful investor habits 1

For most people, building even the smallest amount of property wealth takes years of education. Books, blogs, podcasts, workshops… you could go through thousands of these and barely scratch the surface. But building real property wealth takes more than listening to a few podcasts. The world’s most successful investors have powerful habits that dramatically boost […]

Save Yourself From These 3 Simple Mistakes Made By First-Time Investors

In life, there is always the possibility that you’ll make a mistake. You might not see a curb and trip over it, or you might lock yourself out of the house. You might even forget your coffee cup on top of your car before driving away. These mistakes are easily fixed. When it comes to […]

What is Property Crowdfunding and How Can It Change the Way You Invest?

017 property crowdfunding

You’ve probably considered taking part in Australia’s property investment boom. That’s a smart decision, and by investing in property now, you can build your wealth over the years by simply holding onto the piece of land. Buying property to rent is also incredibly popular, and is a passive income stream that people have used since […]

How Millenials’ Investment Trends are Shaping Global Investment Markets

013 Adpen investment trends millenials

It’s no secret that investments have traditionally never really been the “cool” thing that younger generations cared much about. They have been more likely to enjoy spending their money in the short term than put it into the market or other investments. While many might think that this is true still, the younger millennial generation […]