Nobody is perfect… especially when it comes to property investment.

We’ve all got habits that are probably not overly helpful to us.

The key – remove the toxic habits that are holding us back and create more good habits that will ensure we are on the path to riches.

If you feel like you are not as successful as you could be, keep reading.

Because in this blog post, we’re going to discuss the 3 most insanely toxic investment habits that you need to break…

Habits that could be sabotaging your journey to financial freedom.


Habit #1: Hanging around negative people

Ever had family members or friends question your investment decisions?

You know… the naysayers who constantly complain that the property market is doomed?

Unless they are property experts, their opinion is just that and it’s also one that doesn’t have much education behind it.

Spending too much time with negative people is unlikely to make you successful.

In fact, if you look at all property investor success stories, you’ll find one thing in common – the most successful surround themselves with like-minded individuals to ensure they stay that way.


Habit #2: Comparing yourself to others

This is quite possibly one of the most dangerous habits to fall into.

It’s true!

New investors do this all the time. They compare themselves to the greats like Warren Buffett, and end up feeling depressed.

If you want to succeed in property and life, you need to stop comparing yourself to others.

Your reality is your reality. Your journey is your journey.

And property is no different! Your strategy, your risk profile, your capital… it’s yours.

The only person that truly matters, and the only thing that you can control, is you.


Habit #3: Half-hearted goal-setting

Far too many investors buy property without a strategy.

After one two, most stop buying because they lack goals, or have hit a financial roadblock.

The reality… blindly investing in property isn’t a strategy – it’s speculation.

The most successful investors develop an investment strategy for the long-term. They tick off each step along the journey to reach their end goal.

The secret is that they know that it will take a number of small steps as well as time and dedication to reach the end prize.

The most successful investors don’t give up, and they always know where they are going.


See Yourself In Any of These Investment Habits?

If you fall into any of these categories, get in touch with the Adpen team now! We are incredibly passionate about helping investors succeed in the property market.

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