Kanagesh Loganathan

Finance Manager

Kanagesh is an experience Financial Controller who hold a post-graduate qualification in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, specialising in accounting, finance and operations research with primary interest on Time Series Analysis, Game Theory & Network and Transportation modelling.

Prior to joining ADPEN Group, he held several senior finance and administration positions, including Group Financial Controller for the MOX Group, Swick Drilling Pty Ltd, MWD Warehouse & Logistic, Aquaknect Flexibilities (A’Asia) Pty Ltd and Finance Director for the Omnipol Group (Plastic Recycling company).


Major achievements in past positions include developing a transfer pricing policy manual and procedure for MOX Group; develop and implement account/finance/QA policies and procedures for MOX Group, Swick Drilling Pty Ltd,  MWD Warehouse & Logistic, Aquaknect and Omnipol Group. Develop and implement detailed cost-benefit analysis of Production, Yield, Sales margins and necessary financial

modelling for both Operational & CAPEX projects. Improved cashflow by Introduction and implementation of debtor & inventory finance facility, R&D & EDMG.