The research shows that what Jo Vadillo did is next to impossible. Australian women earn less than the blokes on average, tend to have less confidence investing than men, and have a lower appetite for risk. Yet she went from a single investor with a single property to building a successful property empire, to director of her own property investment company, and managing director of a networking and mentoring organisation for female property investors.

So how did she do it?

From Humble Beginnings

In 2003, Jo was in her 20s and single. Yet she was determined to start her property journey, so she obtained the maximum purchase amount the bank would allow – $315,000 – for a property in Sydney. Initially her residence, the property is now rented out and is valued at $450,000.

At this stage, Jo was not an expert on tax implications or on how to build equity. She did not have all the answers and could have made mistakes. But she didn’t let that stop her. Learning as she went, and now with her husband Greg by her side, she moved to a new home and purchased and renovated two additional investment properties.

Jo now had a solid strategy to buy and hold, and to renovate properties as needed to increase rental returns. Her purchase of these two new properties was based on the fact that they were “ugly ducklings in a good area”, to quote her words.

Showing her ability to adapt, Jo again evolved her approach after the birth of her first child. She decided to educate herself further and take her pursuit of property investing to the next level.

029 Jo Vadillo
Jo Vadillo: From strength to strength

Going Next Level

Jo grew her investor knowledge networking and researching through Property Women, an online community she founded to help women in property to learn from each other, network, and find mentors.

In 2011, Jo became a licensed Real Estate Agent and Buyers’ Agent and founded the full-service buyers’ agency Advocate Property Services alongside her husband Greg. She was now assisting investors and homeowners to source property, negotiate the right price, and source quality deals in three Australian cities.
Jo is now truly a professional, full-time property investor. She has a methodical attitude towards business, attaching no emotion to her investment or residential properties. This approach has served her well, and she now shares her knowledge with other women through motivational speeches. She particularly encourages women to enter the property investment market, despite (or perhaps because of) a mild bias against women in the industry.


Jo’s story that age, gender, inexperience, and a modest income are no barriers to winning in property investment.
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