Peter Kernke

Acquisitions Manager and Investor Relations

Peter Kernke has had a long career in IT infrastructure and planning working to put complex services in place with organisations like QTAC the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre. There he was part of delivering offers to over 50,000 prospective students in an absolutely time critical environment. Every year Peter was with QTAC, just after new year there was front page News of happy students receiving offers to enter university.

Peter moved from IT into transforming property, turning a long term interest into a lifetime and fulltime passion. Peter now speaks with owners about how ADPEN is able to help them release the value in there properties and move on to a new phase of life. This is often by selling a property which has been held for a generation. Peter has the ability to connect with property owners and help them see the potential of the next step. He works with owners to find the best possible outcome for them, delivering both for the Sellers and for those who will enjoy the end result of the project which we build.

Peter believes it really is a great joy to be “Shaping the World we live in Tomorrow”